Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tour de Palm Springs 2011

The Tour De Palm Springs is always a good century to start the season with. The course is mildly challenging, the scenery is great, the weather is usually cooperative, and the support is enthusiastic. It is also a good first century because there is very little hill climbing and most of is is at the start of the ride. I have reviewed this ride on previous posts 2007 and 2009. This year's ride was done with a couple of friends: Speedster Bryan G.
And Juan "Kiki" Armstrong
Even San Diego Chargers QB, Phil Rivers, decided to use this ride to get into football shape. Must have been a long off season. He even wore his football helmet.
Bryan taking a "natural break" in the middle of nature. Watch out for snakes!
This is not the start, but the first rest stop at the top of Indian Avenue. Cyclists clogged the street, drink bottles were being hurled into the crowd, no where to go. The climb up to this point was very slow not due to difficulty, but congestion.
Polar data for the ride: Heart Rate-121, Speed-13.9, Power 110. Total time: 8 hrs, 39 min. Total Ride Time: 7 hrs, 29 min.
Congratulations, Juan. His first century and still able to smile at the finish.