Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas '07

2007 surely came to a rapid end, like a 40 MPH downhill! Hence the lack of recent posts. I'll catch up with photos and news soon.
Donna and I would like to wish all a very
Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Spooktacular - Rain, Wind, Cold

The Spooktacular Century is presented by the Kern Wheelmen. It started in Bakersfield at the Kern River State Park near Lake Ming and headed into the Sierras for the climbing part.
Because I was recovering from a cold, I wasn't sure which ride I would end up doing:
The Horrible Hundred with 8,600 feet of climbing
The Nightemare Ninety with 5,900 feet of climbing
The Morbid Metric with 4,600 feet of climbing The ride started off as advertised: "eerie lack of traffic . . . . . . and one stoplight." And just my luck, it happened to be red.

The start of the Grey Wolf grade. Over five miles of a continuous 5-8% climb into the Sierras. At about 1400 feet the weather turned nasty with rain, wind gusts, and temp in the low 50's. By the Caliente food stop I was soaked and shivering. I decided to head back before hypothermia set in. Because of the weather, I ended up doing the "Morbid Metric". Looks kinda like a mountain bike. What was that joke about sand in your Schlitz? I've been getting a lot of questions during my ride about "those things" on the back of my bike. I think they mean the Polar power sensor-more about that on another post. Need to give my Trek a bath.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Amtrak Century - Irvine to San Diego

6:30 am registration at the Irvine Transportation Center.

The Amtrak Century organized by the Orange County Wheelmen sells out every year with 1000 riders. It is a one way bike ride with a private train ride back home. Your gear and homecoming "refreshments" are loaded in a truck which meets you in San Diego. Bikes are then packed up and transported back to Irvine.

Irvine to San Diego: 100 miles,
average speed=16.6 MPH,
maximu speed=38.5 MPH
average heart rate=133 BPM,
maximum heart rate=181 BPM,
total ascent=3311 feet
energy used=4414 kcal
total ride time=6 hours: 3 minutes
Just follow the railroad tracks 100 miles south to San Diego. The Amtrak Century was mostly flat except the beginning of the ride up to Foothill Ranch, then a nice downhill to San Clemente. I used a lot of energy during this phase of the ride (heart rate 150-165) and paid for it later with leg cramps at mile 60.

Fuel stop at the end of the San Onofre Beach path, right before the entrance to Camp Pendleton.

Usually cyclists are allowed to go through Camp Pendleton to Oceanside and avoid the 8 mile stretch on the I-5 Frweeway - not today. It's an interesting experience to feel a big-rig zooming by you at 70 MPH.
This pumpkin patch will be ready for Halloween. Maybe this is the patch where the Great Pumpkin will rise out of, fly through the air, and deliver toys to all good children of the world. I will be prepairing for the Spooktacular Century in Bakersfield this Halloween.

Encinitas Station, about 30 miles to go. Oceanside, Carlsbad, Leucadia, Encinitas, Solana Beach, and Del Mar are nice seaside towns to bike through and visit.
Torrey Pines climb 400 feet over 2 miles after riding for 80 miles. The smoothie I had in Encinitas gave me just enough energy to take it over the top.

Finish near the Amtrak Station in San Diego where a private train ride back to Irvine awaits. See the coolers on the ground? They are not filled with your typical energy/recovery drinks.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Cool Breeze Mini Metric 2007

Laurel's first organized ride, after training for over a month.The Cool Breeze Mini started in Ventura and did an out-and-back along the Ventura River Bike Trail toward Ojai. Then another out-and-back north along Highway 101 to Carpinteria.Laurel looks ready to ride even after only 4 hours of sleep. She was up packing for her move to Berkeley. We left Long Beach at 6:30 and will drive up to NoCal after the ride.Checking out the route guide.Can't forget the Butt Butt'r and sunscreen. . . guess which one goes where the sun don't shine.Ready at the start. Laurel looks Pro and I look like a newbie with my helmet falling off my head.After one hour of riding, Laurel takes a break to fuel up with Luna Bars and Vitamin Water.Braving the 101 Freeway heading north toward Santa Barbara. You need to be a steady rider with cars zooming by at 65+ MPH.Rest stop at Rincon Beach Park, mile 23. The popsicles were a nice treat on a hot day.Congratulations on your first ride! 38 Miles in under three hours. Maybe Berkeley has a cycling team.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Three Harbors Tour 2007

The Three Harbors Century started in Ventura, headed south to Channel Islands, inland to Oxnard and Ojai, the climb up to Lake Casitas, and north to Santa Barbara for lunch. Then a nice downwind spin along the coast back to Ventura for lunch number 2.
6:30 check-in at Ventura Harbor.The Channel Island Harbor covered with fog .The fertile Oxnard Plain is one of the world's most important agricultural centers. It is the Strawberry and Lima Bean capital.The Ventura-Ojai Valley bike path wanders along the Ventura River and Hwy 33. Foster Park is a nice stopping place. A Bobcat ran right in front of me -not quick enough for a picture.Elevation map of a mostly flat ride except the climb from the coast up Ojai Valley and the Casitas Pass. Total climb was 3,945 feet.The Casitas Pass Road was the highest point on this ride-1,117 feet. Guess the name of that lake.The new Ortega Hill bike path along the 101 allows you to bypass the narrow and winding Ortega Hill Rd out of Summerland.View south along Channel Drive in South Santa Barbara (Montecito). 30 miles to go mostly downwind and flat back to Ventura Harbor.

Monday, July 09, 2007

UC Berkeley-CalSo

Spent two days at Cal Berkeley attending their Student/Parent Orientation (CalSo).The University of California was established in the 1800's and is located in the hills of Berkeley.
It is full of history and tradition.
Could it be "the best public university in the world"?

It sure is a beautiful campus.

But dorm living is not built for comfort. The food at Cal is great, though.Clark Kerr Campus will be Laurel's dorm. The lounge at Cafe 3. College students glued on "Tom and Jerry".Our student counselor-Daphne, full of energy and information.Student counselors teaching the parents some Cal spirit cheers including The Time Warp!Some of the Cal Band add to the spirit at the final assembly.