Monday, September 24, 2007

Amtrak Century - Irvine to San Diego

6:30 am registration at the Irvine Transportation Center.

The Amtrak Century organized by the Orange County Wheelmen sells out every year with 1000 riders. It is a one way bike ride with a private train ride back home. Your gear and homecoming "refreshments" are loaded in a truck which meets you in San Diego. Bikes are then packed up and transported back to Irvine.

Irvine to San Diego: 100 miles,
average speed=16.6 MPH,
maximu speed=38.5 MPH
average heart rate=133 BPM,
maximum heart rate=181 BPM,
total ascent=3311 feet
energy used=4414 kcal
total ride time=6 hours: 3 minutes
Just follow the railroad tracks 100 miles south to San Diego. The Amtrak Century was mostly flat except the beginning of the ride up to Foothill Ranch, then a nice downhill to San Clemente. I used a lot of energy during this phase of the ride (heart rate 150-165) and paid for it later with leg cramps at mile 60.

Fuel stop at the end of the San Onofre Beach path, right before the entrance to Camp Pendleton.

Usually cyclists are allowed to go through Camp Pendleton to Oceanside and avoid the 8 mile stretch on the I-5 Frweeway - not today. It's an interesting experience to feel a big-rig zooming by you at 70 MPH.
This pumpkin patch will be ready for Halloween. Maybe this is the patch where the Great Pumpkin will rise out of, fly through the air, and deliver toys to all good children of the world. I will be prepairing for the Spooktacular Century in Bakersfield this Halloween.

Encinitas Station, about 30 miles to go. Oceanside, Carlsbad, Leucadia, Encinitas, Solana Beach, and Del Mar are nice seaside towns to bike through and visit.
Torrey Pines climb 400 feet over 2 miles after riding for 80 miles. The smoothie I had in Encinitas gave me just enough energy to take it over the top.

Finish near the Amtrak Station in San Diego where a private train ride back to Irvine awaits. See the coolers on the ground? They are not filled with your typical energy/recovery drinks.

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Joel Price said...

Thanks for posting a log of your ride. I'm doing the '08 Amtrak Century and this is helpful information or at least it gives me a good picture of what to expect. Thanks again.