Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wow! What A Ride

Floyd Landis of San Diego, CA rides for Team Phonak. Yesterday, in the Alps, lost the Yellow Jersey after "bonking" in the final climb. He ended Stage 16 in 11th place, chasing the leader by over 8 minutes. After yesterday his odds of winning was 239:1

Today he took a big gamble and attacked the lead from the start. There were 4 major climbs, but Landis held on for his first Tour stage win. He is now in third place 30 seconds behind the leader. His odds of winning are now 1:3. Wish I had placed a bet yesterday.

Floyd Landis is scheduled to have hip replacement after the Tour. He has arthritis in his right hip secondary to aseptic necrosis after suffering a fall about three years ago. I wonder if he would donate to my Arthritis Foundation ride?

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