Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bike Of The Month

My first bike was a 1959 Sears Huffy. Color was red with white trim and a silver bell. Never had streamers, but did add playing cards clipped to the fender stays with clothes pins. I later had a headlight powered by a tire driven generator. I also rigged up a left/right turn signal light system and lots of reflectors.Mike and his bike at 6 years old. We lived on a steep hill so the only place I could ride was in our two car carage. I was good at going in circles-clockwise, couter-clockwise, and figure 8's.


JIMBO said...

Sweet Ride!! What I like better is the Island Style cycling shoes.. thats da kine bruda!!

Michael Nakata said...

Those are clipless rubber zories. I also attached roller skates to them (the metal ones with the key). They were also my baseball cleats, hiking shoes, and beach sandals. We called them "slippers". They were also great for whacking those giant flying cockroaches.