Tuesday, May 20, 2008

El Tour de Phoenix 2008

El Tour de Phoenix , April 5, 2008, was a 74 mile ride starting in Mesa, through Scottsdale, into the Fort McDowell Indian Reservation, and part of the Tonto National Forest. My "flight deck" with cue sheet clipped to my brake cable. Polar monitor shows 143 heart rate, 23% pedaling efficiency, 141 Watts of power. Top of the first hill climb in Fountain Hills with view of Eagle Mountain Golf Course and Mesa in the distance. Desert starting to bloom along Beeline Hwy. View south of the Verde River looking more brown than green. The best part of the ride was through the Tonto National Forest on Bush Highway.
The view along Usery Pass made the 4 mile 680 feet climb very worthwhile. Leaving the Usery Mountain recreation area, crossing the Salt River, and heading back to Mesa. My Polar profile for the ride. You can see the three major hill climbs (shaded in dark red line). Total ascent was 2280 ft. Average speed (blue line) 16.8 MPH. Average cadence (bright blue line) 82 rpm. Average power (bright green line) 145 Watts. Average heart rate (red line) 146 bpm. Only 3% of my ride was spent at or above my Lactate Threshold which is 164 bpm. Ride time for 72 miles was 4 hours 17 minutes.

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