Saturday, July 19, 2008

Millerton Metric 2008

I just happened to be in Fresno during the Climb to Kaiser so I did the shorter 70 mile Millerton Metric. I wasn't training for it so I struggled, but had a good time. Only 3,399 feet of climbing. I used my Garmin Edge 705 for the first time with its turn-by-turn capability. I only made one wrong turn the entire ride. Fires have been burning out of control. That's the sun glowing through a smoke-filled sky. The smoke, plus the elevation (up to 2000 ft), plus the 100 degree temperature, plus my lack of training made this a survival ride. Imagine the riders doing the Climb to Kaiser: 155 miles with a 13,500 total vertical climb. I wonder where he got this mailbox idea? This is farming country as is much of the Central Valley of California. Gotta have the windmill picture. Orange Trees? Almond Trees?
A huge farmhouse with acres of farmland. The sun burning through the smokey haze. The start of the ride was all uphill. The steepest part of the ride with more hills to come. Over the hill with rewards of picturesque Oaks.

Heading home - After a nice series of downhills you hit a long straight flat-Copper Avenue-Fresno's drag strip. Why did I come to Fresno? . . . to Party! 'Till 2 am.

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