Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Machines of the Tour Of California

Three time Tour of California winner Levi Leipheimer's time trial machine. It has a custom paint job with a Golden Bear on the top tube, stars and a Solvang windmill on the seat post, roses on the seat stay, and fancy scrollwork on the handlebars. Lance Armstrong's Trek Madone 6.9 Livestrong road bike. The 1274 on the seat post refers to the number of days he was "retired". The 27.5 on the seat stay is the number of deaths (in millions) due to cancer during that time. Must be rough maintaining Lance's time trial bike to his exact standards. Must be even harder to guard it. You never know when someone might want to steal it. BMC Racing Team truck full of DT Swiss wheels at over $1,000 per set. The "90's" team BMC is a USA team that rides Swiss based BMC cycles. Team OUCH, formerly Health Net, was named initially as a joke by Dr. Brent Kay the orthopod who resurfaced the hip of Floyd Landis. Kuota is their bike of choice. Jelly Belly Cycling Team, very colorful, rides GT Cycles powered by Sport Beans. Felt is the ride for the Garmin Slipstream team, and wouldn't you know it, all their bikes have Garmin 705 GPS's on them. Garmin Slipstream's David Zabriske used this time machine to come in second in Solvang, 8 seconds behind Leipheimer. "DZ" used the new Shimano electronic shifters (Dura Ace Di2 7970) on his road bike. Garmin Slipstream's Christian VdV's Felt, complete with the new Camelback water bottles. Bissell Pro Cycling mechanic shows off his Pinarello. Dutch team Rabobank rides Giant bikes-the seatpost looks like it might fit a giant. The sexy Fuji time trial bikes for the sexy Rock Racing team. sexy saddles, sexy wheels, . . . even sexy water bottles. Oh, yes, you can't forget the support vehicles.The engine that powers these machines, courtesy of Saxo Bank's Gustav Larsson.

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