Saturday, July 17, 2010

Spooktacular Ride - My Handlebar Cockpit

Handlebar real estate becomes very valuable especially on a bar with a flat top. My Polar CS600 sits on an extended mount by FSA and gives me information such as heart rate, cadence, power, speed, distance, time, temperature, elevation. My Garmin Edge 705 is mounted to my stem and gives me real time navigational information such as a colored map and turn-by-turn instructions as well as altitude climbed and hill gradient. I can even race against a virtual rider. A "Bento Box" sits on my top tube and holds my cell phone, camera, gels. I wonder if I can stuff it with a Spam Musubi? On the left handlebar drop you can also see my Italian Mirror so I can see who's yelling: "On your Left!"

This picture was taken during the Kern Wheelmen Spooktacular ride which offers various lengths and elevation routes. It starts just outside of Bakersfield and goes east to the foothills of the Sequoia Nationals.

This is the profile of the Horrible Hundred-8,600 feet of climbing. If that is not enough, challenge yourself with the 10,800 feet Hidious Hundred.

But don't get left in the dust.

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