Friday, February 25, 2011

Mike's First Ace

September 4, 2010. It was our second round at the Whirlwind Golf Club in Chandler, Arizona on the Devil's Claw course. Hole number 14, a slight dog-leg left 142 yards par 3 named "Huai Thonk" by the Native Americans, was looking right into the setting sun. Mike pulled out his driver and ripped a beautiful left-to-right high arching shot. We were all blinded by the sunlight and the cloud of dust coming from the tee box and never saw where it ended up-on the green? in the trap? near the hole? No one saw it. As we approached the flag, Mike was still frantically looking for his ball, as he usually does on every hole. After minutes of searching, I finally said: "Mike, try looking in the hole. I think it went in." The hole is now renamed "Who Wudda Thunk". Mike's first ace-congratulations!

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