Sunday, June 04, 2006

Large Chainring

Rode on my large chainring the last two days. A two hour ride yesterday to Newport Beach and a two hour ride today along the San Gabriel River. The chainring is part of the drive train of the bicycle. It is the large gear in front that is connected to the crank and pedal. A bike usually has 1-3 chainrings. The larger chainring is used while biking down hill/wind or on the flats. It requires more power from your leg muscles, but allows you to go faster at a given cadence (pedal revolutions per minute). The smaller chainring (called the granny gear) alows you to pedal faster (greater candence) with less power, but you go slower. It is used for climbling hills more efficiently. For a given speed, pedaling more quickly makes your heart work harder, pedaling more slowly makes your legs work harder and can wear on your knees.

Week 15 summary: 9:37 ride time, 135.3 miles

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