Sunday, June 11, 2006

My First Flat . . . And Then My Second Flat

Since I bought my bike in March, I have logged just over 1,000 miles. Yesterday 1 Hour and 45 Minutes into my ride I had my first flat.

My flat kit includes a replacement tube, glueless patches, tire levers (used to remove the tire casing from the rim), and two pumps-one uses a CO2 cylinder to inflate the tire, the other is a manual pump in case I misfire the CO2 pump. You only get one chance to inflate the tire with the CO2 pump but it inflates the tire in a matter of seconds.

This morning when I inflated my tires to 11o psi, the replacement tube popped. I think I had what's called a pinch flat where part of the tube is trapped between the tire casing and the rim-a newbie mistake. Well, I got to try fixing a flat again.

Coundown week 14 was a "rest week" and included 4 rides, 6:42 saddle time, and 98.8 miles.

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