Sunday, August 20, 2006

Covered With Sand

Saturday's ride went through Palos Verdes, along the South Bay Beach Path which ends north of Santa Monica at the Will Rogers Beach. The bike path is winding in places with many S turns and can be covered with sand.
On the way back I missed a turn and ended up in the sand. My right shifter, derailleur, and gears were coated with fine stuff. Even after washing things off-including half my body, my shifter was jammed. I ended up riding back just using my three front chianring gears.
Back home, I spent over three hours, one can of Clean Streak, and a lot of Tri-Flow to finally get things back in working order.

The loop around Palos Verdes is well worth the effort. View of Point Vincete Lighthouse looking north along Palos Verdes Drive South.

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JIMBO said...

I think I remember that from the opening of "Three's Company"...
We know why you missed the turn...
Mike dog!!