Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Palm Springs Weekend

56 miles from Palm Desert to Palm Springs, north to Dillon Road and back via 1000 Palms and Washington. Temp in the 60's, winds mild-perfect riding day. The following day the winds were howling 10-30 MPH with gusts up to 40 MPH. Ask the golfers at the Bob Hope Classic.Palms along Ramon with San Jacinto in the background. Tyler's the best burgers in Palm Springs.Garnet Ave along Interstate-10, heading toward Windy Ridge.
Riding along the Windmill Farm, a passing train, snow capped mountains, tee time at 12:30-Desert Willow. Nice. . .
Great downhill along 1000 Palms Canyon, but I had to stop for a Kodak moment.
Visited the Leonardo da Vinci ExperienceWhat's so funny?

Blessed by "The Virgin of The Rocks"
The da Vinci BicyleThe Donna CycleVisiting the Palm Springs Air Museum

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JIMBO said...

Cool picks Mike.. How'd you find a virgin in Palm Springs?