Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year!

Attacked by another dog!!!

I was on my first ride for 2007 along the Huntington bike path enjoying the sunset over Catalina Island. Below the Seacliff Bluff there is a dog beach and many dog owners walk their dogs along the bluff. I slowed down since up ahead a clueless lady was standing in the middle of the path with two dogs that looked like large rats on long legs. I made my move to the left lane of the path when one of the dogs decided to attack my bike. I heard a spat as my front tire ran over the dog's leg and as its retractable "leash" entangled my drive chain, I went skidding across the pavement.

All the people who witnessed the accident attended to the yelping dog, while not a one helped to scrape my body off the asphalt. . . don't you love PETA? Anyway, the lady had to rush her dog to the vet and I rode home with a free dermabrasion on the right side of my body and a broken thumb.

By the way, for all you PETOB supporters (People for the Ethical Treatment Of Bicycles :), my bike survived with only a few road scars. So starts 2007.

For 2007 I've "souped" up my bike a little:
New Carbon Fiber Handlebar - thank you Donna - These are so comfortable to ride with. The flat surfaces give your hands more support and more riding positions, besides looking great. Luckily I wrapped the top curve with silicon tape which protected the bar when I crashed.
New tires - thank you Jimbo - These Kendas are a lot thinner, faster, and harder (good combination?) than the Continentals that I used for the San Fran to LA ride. I logged over 2,600 miles on those tires without a single flat! Notice how worn the tire is. So far the Kendas have run over one small dog without a flat. Sorry PETA fans!


JIMBO said...

At least the little frickin' rat didnt get stuck in your spokes.. that combo of blood and furr is so hard to wash off.. sorry about your wreck.. next time just take out the old lady.. that way no one important gets hurt..

Michael Nakata said...

Actually there are blood stains on my bike that I need to wash off. The dog was squirting blood all over the place and one person gave the lady her knitted cap to help stop the dog's bleeding. I wonder if they treat dogs with broken legs the same way they treat race horses?