Sunday, December 31, 2006

My Arizona Rides-Attacked By Wild Dogs

Spent three days biking around Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale area.

Most of the ride was flat and stright, but many different road conditions existed-gravel, dirt, cracked.

Red Tail Hawk checking me out.

Much of my ride was in wide open fields, when suddenly, out of the fields, a pack of about 8-10 wild dogs ran out and started attacking me. They were trying to bite at my feet, growling and barking, baring their teeth, and taking turns trying to run ahead of me and jumping at my front tire. The dogs were all black and one was a pit-bull type. Sorry, did not seem to have enough time for a picture. I finally was able to out ride them. Glad I wasn't jogging. I'll be looking for some pepper spray to carry along in future rides.
Modified that sign.

I don't think this sign is working.

Tempting, but did not stop for Hashbrowns topped with Chili


JIMBO said...

The dogs wouldnt bother you if you didnt ride around with SPAM in your jersey pocket... Hey maybe you can make SPAM into a gel for Hawaiian Roadies... call it
Brudah Goo

Michael Nakata said...

Shaka, Brah! No problem wit dat.

Anonymous said...

I realize you probably weren't paying much attention to detail, but did you notice any coyotes in the pack?