Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter in So Cal

Today was the first day of winter, so I put the snow chains on my bike and rode 63 miles (out and back) to South Laguna. These pictures were taken for Jim who is locked indoors in Colorado because of snow storms. Enjoy your Mag Trainer, Jim.
Other things to do in the winter at Huntington Beach.View from Crystal Cove north on a clear winter day.Laguna Beach-only the bravest dare to be out in 66 degree weather.'Tis the season . . . for mudslides.Looking for some lunch.Sunset along the San Gabriel River. Taken last night on my ride home from work.Naples Island at sunset.

1 comment:

JIMBO said...

OUCH... that sting a little bit..
No Trainer for me though... I've been enjoying.. "The Crystalized Dihydrogen Monoxide Workout"
Thanks Mike