Sunday, March 04, 2007

Biking for One Year

I started biking one year ago. My first ride was on March 2, 2006 and was 8.3 miles lasting 30 minutes. Here is my distance and time log for the past year:
6277 miles, 450 hours. Biked in six states, 2 centuries, 8 organized biking events, and the 8 day Arthritis Foundation California Coast Classic. My goal for year two will be to work on my base building, increase my fitness ceiling, start strength training, and improve my riding skills and efficiency. Sounds like I've been reading too many biking books. And I'll try not to spend so much money at the bike shop.

Speaking of cycling books, I got to hear Chris Carmichael speak about his new book 5 Essentials For A Winning Life, and the Discovery Channel Cycling Team, and training Lance Armstrong, and the doping controversies. Carmichael was a member of the first American cycling team-The 7-Eleven Team-to compete in the Tour de France in 1986. He is founder of Carmichael Training Systems.

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