Tuesday, March 27, 2007

North Scottsdale In The Rain

North Scottsdale noted for exclusive homes, golf courses, and desert landscaping. Pinnacle Peak rises out of the Sonora Desert to an elevation of 3,170 feet, and was formed one million years ago. It used to be a glacier but due to "global warming" it's now a pile of rocks. If you believe that then you should watch "An Inconvenient Truth".Clouds threatened, and it did rain a little, but not enough to spoil a great ride.
Reata Pass SteakhouseReata Pass Outhouse

Many buildings blend in well with the landscape.Don't want to fall on this guy, -Teddybear Cholla

or this guy. -Yucca plantDid you know? The Saguaro cactus is the tallest cactus, lives about 200 years, and grows 4-8 inches a year. Its first "arms" sprout when the cactus is 40-50 years old. This old guy needs some help to stand tall. The holes in the cactus are made by birds which use them for their homes.If all paths could be as smooth as this. . . Legend Trail Parkway.Along Pima Road, a sign that says it all.

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