Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Golden Gate Bridge Ride

Google Earth view of San Francisco Bay and my 18 mile ride over the Golden Gate Bridge from Fisherman's Wharf to Sausalito and back.
Sunrise over Fisherman's wharf.
There are many paths around the Presidio area of San Francisco.

The Golden Gate suspension bridge was constructed between 1933 to 1937. It spans 1.7 miles across the strait between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay, connecting the City to Marin County on the north. (It's the big red bridge in the background.)
There are 14 lanes at the Toll Plaza. Cost is $5 for autos entering the City from the north.
The towers of the bridge tower 500 feet above the roadway.
The Golden Gate is 246 feet above sea level. Someone jumps off the bridge on the average every two weeks. It takes 4 seconds to hit the water, at about 75 miles per hour, with a force of 15,000 pounds per square inch. In short, hitting water at that speed is like hitting concrete. Hitting feet first will usually plunge one so deeply into the 350 foot deep water that you haven't a chance to surface before drowning. The steel wall along the walk/bike way is only 4 feet high.
A view of the City and the Bay Bridge from Sausalito.
"The Rock", Alcatraz Island, was a military fort from 1859-1934; a federal penitentiary from 1934-1963; occupied by American Indians from 1969-1971; and is now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
Just had to visit Ghirardelli, and just had to have a Dark Chocolate Mint Hot Fudge Sundae.
Donna "catching" the Cable Car at AT&T Park. Home of Barry Bonds and the Giants.

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