Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thank You!!!

Two months into my training and fund raising for my Arthritis Foundation Bike Ride, and my body's hanging in there. I would like to acknowledge the many GENEROUS people that have helped me so far:

Charlie & Eilene Fay
Christie & Joe Yee
Craig & Lisa Kim
David Burnell
Edgar Silva
Erica Perez
Sharon Skalla
Frances Morris
Suki Stone
Glen Strauss
Gloria Arancibia
Jody & Gregg Gillia
Laurel Nakata
Ryan Nakata
Lilly Perez
Margie Anderson
Pat & Michelle Tamaye
Vickie Potter
Rudy Solorzano
Ruby Salinas
Pat Weiser
Thanks to your help I have made the $1,000 milestone!

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