Saturday, April 08, 2006

General Information About My Ride

I am taking on a personal challenge. It's a challenge of physical endurance and a challenge of making a difference in my community. From September 9-16, 2006 I will be cycling from San Francisco to Los Angeles as a part of the California Coast Classic Bicycle Tour. That's 500 miles!! This will be no ordinary trip. I will be cycling on behalf of the Arthritis Foundation as a member of their training team. We will be joined by others from across the country to support arthritis research and community based education programs for the men, women and children affected by arthritis. Your donation is needed to help me reach my fundraising goal.

Donations can be made on-line at

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Anonymous said...

That is amazing. I would have never guessed that Dr. Nakata was the athletic type. Heee Haaaa. I hope that you make your donation goal, it will be going toward a great cause. Be very careful, and most of all make back to work in one peace. No time off either. LOL. Sharon S.