Monday, April 17, 2006

Math Quiz

Mr. Chocolate Bunny is 12 inches tall and weighs 2.5 pounds. He lives dangerously with Michael Nakata. How long does Mr. Chocolate Bunny have to live? Donate to my ride and make a guess. Post a comment what the date will be when the last piece of Mr. CB will disappear. Winner will win a nice prize.
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Anonymous said...

Mr. Chocolate bunny will last around 14 days from 04/20/06. that is my best estimate. Come to think of that from what I hear that is proubly to long. L.O.L. Thanx Sharon S.

Anonymous said...

For those guessing...take my word, Mr. Chocolate Bunny will not last very long if it's with my brother - he's a chocoholic like me! BUT...knowing him, he has more Mr. Chocolates in his possession so this one may last a while. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

ohh no can I extend the time frame of when the chocolate bunny will last??? Well I guess that wouldn't be fair. Eat up Dr. Nakata. heeeeeee sharon

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,

It seems like only you and I are leaving comments...he's lucky cause otherwise he'd have no comments to read.

Anyway, I think you should be able to guess again because he's cheating...he DOES have other chocolate that he's eating, so he's leaving Mr. CB alone.

His sis, Lisa

Margie Anderson said...

I think chocolate bunny will be eaten by 5-7-06. If it takes you any longer, you really don't like chocolate.