Sunday, September 10, 2006

Day 2 - Santa Cruz to Monterey/Pacific Grove - 54 Miles

Left Santa Cruz "in the misty morning fog", cycled through Eucalyptus groves, over lazy rivers, and miles-and-miles of farmland.

Now I know where artichokes come from. Rode into Monterey on a class I bike path from about 20 miles north, with beautiful coastline views.

Arrived at the final check point in Pacific Grove at 12:30. 54 miles, 4 hours ride time, average speed 13.7 MPH, 1821 feet total ascent, 2462 Calories (that should cover my brownie-a-la-mode).

We enjoyed the afternoon in Monterey, taking in the sights and visiting the aquarium.


Anonymous said...

Loved the pics. Post more, please.
Linda Pfeifer

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys! Hi Donna!! Thank you for supporting and taking so good care of my brother!!! He's very lucky to have you! Looks like you're having look beautiful as ever!!

Hi Michael...great job!!!Not too many falls please. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

hello you both miss you ... good luck.. and i love the pics also... bye bye sharon s