Saturday, September 16, 2006

Day 8 - Ventura to Santa Monica - 60 Miles

Left San Buenaventura State Beach and headed south to the Channel Island harbor.
Point Mugu is where the Navy has its guided missile and drone programs since WWII.
Caution! Rock slide ahead.I guess every sport has it's dangers.
Another meaning to "Doored". This happened right in front of me on HWY 1. The lady tried to make a quick U turn before and in front of speeding traffic, but forgot to close her door first.
One last view north, eight fabulous days of cycling.
At last, a view south to Malibu and Santa Monica.
Could this be our final climb? Surprise! One more short steep climb up Entrada to San Vincente in Santa Monica, three miles from the finish.
Final check point 59.5 miles, 4hours:17 minutes, 14.7 MPH average speed, 1499 feet total ascent.

After 510 miles I still have enough for a bike lift.

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Richard Kleinman said...

Hey Mike,

I've followed your pictures and commentary on the ride. They were great. Congratulations. Sorry I missed this year, but hope to be back next year. Maybe we'll meet?

#106 ('05)