Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Day 3 - Monterey to Big Sur - Only 38 Miles!

This day started off along the 17 mile drive through the Monterey Penninsula-couldn't get better than that. The only way to take in this "drive" is by cycling. I stopped every five minutes just to enjoy the vistas-unbelievable. People actually live here, in HUGE houses.

Spent some time at Pebble Beach, watching groups tee-off. Made me wish I brought my clubs along.

The Lone Cypress

Just past Carmel. . . only 337 miles to go!

Miles and miles of breathtaking views. I spent almost 2 hours total off my bike taking pictures and video, or just "taking it all in". See the Condor on the rock? I'm glad they weren't circling me overhead.

Biking into the fog over the Bixby Bridge built in 1932-it was a little creeky, maybe it was just my knees creeking.
After the ride, I soaked my feet in the cold Big Sur River, and Donna went shopping for some Hippie clothes.

Had the time and energy to go on two hikes-Pfiefer Falls is the only waterfall in California to flow into the ocean. Sand Dollar Beach in the fog-did not find a single dollar. We had a great dinner at Nepenthe - a very highly recommended restaurant while in Big Sur. It overlooks the Pacific coast.

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