Thursday, September 14, 2006

Day 6 - Oceano to Solvang - 64 Miles

Our route today took us from the coastal sand dunes of Pismo Beach inland to Guadalupe and Santa Maria. It was cold, foggy, and damp for the first 3 hours of the ride. Temp was 52 but with the wind it felt like 42. A 39 mile climb from 95 feet to 1548 feet. The last 300 vertical feet, after already biking for 50 miles was a killer. The downhill into Solvang made it all worthwhile.
East out of Santa Maria is all agricultural land. This machine plants the seedlings automatically. The workers just insert the plants into a rotating wheel.

I expected Children of the Corn, but . . .
. . . only got a scarecrow.
Harvest season is just around the corner.
Biked along the Foxen Canyon Wine Trail where the movie "Sideways" took place. The Hitching Post for dinner sounds good. Maybe we'll close out the bar tonight.

Fes Parker's coonskin biking helmet.

Completed day 6 at the Santa Inez Mission in Solvang. 64 miles, 5 hours, 2500 ft ascent, 2842 Calories.Donna's treat to me-Danish pancakes with hot cinnamon apples.

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