Saturday, September 16, 2006

Some Facts About My San Fran to LA Ride

Total Miles: 512.7
Total Saddle Time: 39 hours:11 minutes
Approximate Number of Pedal Turns: 183,378
Total calories expended: 22,241
(equivalent to five slices of the Claim Jumper Chocolate Motherload Cake)

Total Number of Heartbeats: 306,159
Total Number of Vertical Feet Climbed: 20,681

Mt. McKinley, the highest mountain in North America, is 20,320 feet.


Anonymous said...

HEY CONGRATULATIONS FROM ALL OF US!!! Everyone's here at my house and we're looking at your blog. You did it....GREAT JOB!!!! Thanks for sharing your pics...always looked forward to your adventures each day.

Vicki said...

CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE POTTER FAMILY !!! Your ride was very motivating and it is a wonderful cause. Enjoy your motherload cake...You deserve it !!

JIMBO said...

Hey Mike ... Congradulations !!! You should be very proud of yourself .. You are living proof that, it's never to late to get involved in a sport like cycling. It takes a ton of dedication to accomplish what you have done. Thanks for sharing your ride with us. I know the last thing I want to do after a day in the saddle, is sit in front of the computer.
Your a Stud !!!